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Terrascape Consulting, LLC is continuously seeking talented professionals to enrich and diversify our team. Our work culture is founded on respect for ourselves, our clients, and our fellow professionals. If you thrive in a dynamic yet supportive work environment, where you can unleash your creativity alongside driven and intelligent colleagues, we invite you to reach out to us. Successful candidates will have the chance to contribute to a stimulating and varied portfolio of projects.

Committed to Excellence

Terrascape Consulting upholds professional excellence and maintains high ethical standards as fundamental pillars of our success. In line with this commitment, we seek individuals who resonate with our values and provide them with diverse career opportunities that nurture both personal growth and professional development. If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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The Intern Experience at Terrascape

We view interns not only as a resource but also as an opportunity to provide nurturing and education in our unique methodology. Our aim is for them to seamlessly integrate into the team from day one and to encourage their growth and discovery of their strengths within our organization. We invite you to explore our intern success stories below, and if you are seeking an internship and believe you have what it takes, we encourage you to apply.


Intern Retention


Growth in 2020


Hands on Real World Experience

“I wanted to stay because I appreciated the time that everyone put into helping me learn…”

Q&A with Izzy

Tell us about your internship experience with us

”My internship with Terrascape helped me so much with my final semester at ASU. Especially when working on long term projects like the senior capstone and my honors thesis. Since I had internship experience in land development I was able to be the team leader for my capstone project because I had practical experience with the project topic already.”

What did you learn?

“I think the most valuable thing I learned during my internship was how to work on a team. I also learned a ton of practical experience about civil engineering in general that I could apply to my classes and to the position I am in now.”

What made you stay?

”I wanted [after graduation] to stay because I appreciated the time that everyone put into helping me learn. I wanted to keep learning from everyone here, because I know they all care and want to see me succeed. Also, the company has grown so much since I started my internship over a year ago and I wanted to see where Terrascape was headed in the future.”

What do you like about your position at Terrascape?

”I really like that we get to work on every aspect of the engineering design here as a project based team instead of engineering discipline based teams. That was really a big draw for me.”

Meet Casey

Tell us about your internship experience with us

“I was very glad to learn that I wasn’t a pest when I asked questions. They all encouraged me to ask questions if I didn’t understand things or just to make sure.” -least favorite quote

What did you learn?

“Going from my previous internship where I was doing mostly admin work, to using CAD immediately after I learned it was great for me. It especially felt good, seeing some of the work I was doing actually show up on the plans”

What made you stay?

“I really noticed how much my intern experience at Terrascape helped with school coming into my senior project. Deadlines and meetings were made similar to work. I feel like I was better prepared to ask questions and how to ask them to get the answers I needed. Creating the report was much less daunting as I had filled out Drainage, Sewer, and Water reports already. I was also able to help my teammates with areas I had some experience as each person was assigned a site development task (transportation, drainage, sewer, water).”

What do you like about your position at Terrascape?

“The knowledge and diversity of the other employees at Terrascape is a great asset. Everyone has different backgrounds and can teach me different things.”


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Endless growth opportunities. A workplace built to encourage individuals to improve and grow into confident leaders.


Terrascape values a diverse, creative, fun and friendly work environment.